Trevor Community Spring Clean

Trevor Community Spring Clean

Wednesday 26th Jun 2019

The local residents of Trevor and surrounding communities have teamed up to give the woodland of Rhos y Coed a spring clean.

The woodland has been subject to some historic fly tipping and all sorts of rubbish was found from car bonnets to garden pots. The full extent of the litter problem was brought to light following the creation of a new path through the woodland linking the community centre up with the canal and enabling people to get up close to the massive meteorite-like clinker, a piece of historical fly tipping in itself, dating from as far back as 1870 and a relic of the local iron industry!

The Clinker path as it is now known and some new trees which were planted by the Trevor cubs and beavers a few weeks ago were both made possible through the Our Picturesque Landscape (OPL) National Lottery Heritage Fund Project as part of their remit to improve access to the picturesque countryside. Following the discovery of the rubbish the OPL team contacted Keep Wales Tidy, a charity working across the whole of Wales to protect our environment for now and for the future, to organise the community Spring Clean event as part of their annual Spring Clean Cymru which is a nationwide campaign encouraging people across Wales to get together to help clean up our beautiful Cymru.

A total of 10 local people, including 4 children gave up their Saturday morning to help tidy up the woods and improve them for both people and wildlife and by the end a total of 20 bags of rubbish and other larger items were collected.

If you feel inspired by these local environmental heroes and want to do your bit there are lots of other Spring Clean Cymru events going on until April 23rd, visit the Keep Wales Tidy website for more information.  

Robert Hill a local resident, said: "ud to be involved in this wonderful community event, which will have long term benefits for the local community of Trevor"


Posted on Monday 8th April 2019