Charity Swim

Charity Swim

Thursday 6th Aug 2020

In 2017 both PC Alex Aldous’ parents were diagnosed with cancer.

As a result, Alex together with five family members and friends who have all been affected by cancer have set themselves a challenge to swim around Llandudno’s iconic Great Orme to raise money in order to provide better diagnosis.

Alex explained: “My dad was diagnosed first with prostate cancer, having attended a Lions Club PSA screening, and just as we were coming to terms with that, 6 weeks later, following a NHS breast screening session, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

“Thankfully their cancers were detected early and as such the prognosis is positive. However, if hadn’t been for these screening sessions the future may not in all reality have been so optimistic.”

“Sadly, during this time three close friends were also diagnosed with similar cancers and are continuing to fight these devastating diseases.”

Despite much progress, Prostrate and Breast cancer remain the biggest killers of men and women in the UK.

Alex together with Peter Aldous, Tomas Aldous, Amy O’Hare, Gary Jones and Dimitri Pitton plan to undertake the unaided swim of around 6 miles, in August, where they will encounter strong tides, currents and all the marine life Llandudno coastline has to offer!

“As a group of close friends who have all been affected by these cancers and the devastating affects they have not only on those diagnosed but also close friends and family, we wanted to raise money in order to provide better diagnosis, treatment and support for those suffering from these cancers.”

If you have been affected by a cancer of any form and want to join in the fight back by #makingwavestofightcancer then there are many ways you can get involved. You can donate directly to the Virgin Money page on the link below and /or donate a prize to our auction.

“Any donation or support on the day of the event would be greatly appreciated and will help us in our quest to put an end to these awful diseases.”

The group also have a Facebook page ‘The Great Orme Charity Swim’ through which they are going to share their story.