Echo Line Gang Sentenced

Echo Line Gang Sentenced

Saturday 19th Sep 2020

Eighteen people have today been sentenced to a total of over  146 years in prison between them for their part in a multi-million pound  nationwide supply of cocaine and heroin.The case centred on an Organised Crime Gang (OCG) running  what was described in court as the “extremely busy and very profitable” Echo Line, supplying drugs into North Wales, Merseyside, the North West and as far afield as Scotland and Devon Cornwall

It was a truly nationwide supply chain and bringing those involved to justice was the biggest operation of its kind carried out by North Wales Police.

Detective Inspector Lee Boycott of North Wale Police’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit said: “The level of sentencing reflects the seriousness of these crimes.

“This OCG had deadly intent to let no one stand in the way of their highly lucrative business which brought misery to thousands and violence to our streets.”

The sentencing this week has seen those at the very top of the Echo Line, through to those who were their couriers and street dealers, being brought to justice thanks to North Wales Police, working with colleagues from Merseyside and the Regional Organised Crime Unit .

During the investigation drugs with a street value of £2.1 million were recovered  - over 5 kilograms of Heroin, Cocaine and Crack Cocaine; over 54 kilograms of Class A mixing agents; 17 kilograms of Amphetamine; over 3 kilograms of Cannabis; ¾ kilogram of Ketamine; and appoximately 43,000 Etizolam tablets.

DI Boycott said: “This is not where it ends. All those involved are starting their prison sentences, but we will continue to pursue the ring leaders to make sure that when they are eventually released they will not be able to benefit from their ill gotten gains.

“We will pursue Court Orders against them to place conditions on their lifestyles and we  will also forensically examine their financial affairs so that any proceeds from their drug dealing - cash or assets - are recovered and paid to the public purse.”

List of names and sentences