Help Make Your Area Safer

Help Make Your Area Safer

Thursday 6th May 2021

The Offa and Esclusham Neighbourhood Policing Team based at Wrexham Town Police Station are looking for members of the community who would like to help make their area a safer place to get in touch.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) in partnership with Offa and Esclusham Community Councils is hoping to encourage residents to step forward and create Neighbourhood Watch schemes.

The aim of Neighbourhood Watch is to bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen and where people do not feel vulnerable or isolated.

PC David Smith said;: “Active schemes play a vital role in detection and prevention of crime. They help raise awareness and vigilance, increase community safety and enhance communication between the police and the communities that we serve.”

“Neighbourhood Watch is much more than crime prevention; it is about building friendly, inclusive and cohesive communities. Unfortunately today many neighbours don’t know each other and very rarely interact. When did you last say hello to your neighbour? Do you know their name? The aim of Neighbourhood Watch is to bring communities together and to look out for one another. I believe that during these unprecedented times a sense of community is needed now more than ever.”

Alex Jones, Chair of Offa Community Council said; “Offa Community Council fully supports the Neighbourhood Watch schemes and have agreed to make a grant of up to £1000 to help set them up. Neighbourhood Watch coordinators in Offa can contact who will help with purchasing signage and any other material that may need to buy. Working in partnership with the Neighbourhood Watch schemes, police and community groups we will offer reassurance in our community.”

Local Neighbourhood Watch schemes work in a number of ways. They share crime prevention advice and information; run awareness campaigns; hold social events for local people and businesses; lead community projects such as litter picks, a community café, presentations in schools and work with young people and children and community messaging with the police.

Meanwhile Offa & Esclusham Neighbourhood Policing Team ( NPT) has launched Operation Blue Instinct.

During the autumn when the nights are drawing in, there is often an increase in acquisitive crime, in particular what is commonly referred to as twilight burglaries.

The aim of the Operation Blue Instinct is to deter and disrupt those who cause the community most harm, reduce crime and build safer neighbourhoods. The team is working with partners to identify those most vulnerable in the community and to implement safeguarding measures.

PC Lucia Pritchard said; “Op Blue Instinct is focused on protecting those most vulnerable in our community. Working with our partner agencies we will identify those in our area that need additional support and advice. We will also be targeting offenders who commit these crimes by conducting patrols in hotspots and supporting Neighbourhood Watch schemes. We want to promote a sense of community where neighbours look out for one another and we encourage the public to report any suspicious activity.”

If you would like to find out more information about becoming a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator visit or email the Offa and Esclusham Neighbourhood Policing Team

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