Have Your Say On The Draft Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan

Have Your Say On The Draft Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan

Sunday 14th Apr 2024

Conwy County Borough Council has produced a draft Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan which sets out its aims to help anyone who experiences homelessness to find settled housing faster. The Council is asking the public for their feedback on the Plan.

The Draft Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan sets out how Conwy County Borough Council will work towards achieving Welsh Government’s aim to make homelessness, “rare, brief and unrepeated”*.

Conwy’s Rapid Rehousing vision is that, ‘Key services deliver a coordinated approach to homeless prevention activities to ensure homelessness in Conwy is rare. Where homeless cannot be prevented, people can move into settled accommodation quickly with limited use of temporary accommodation.’

Prevention of homelessness is the primary focus of the Plan. But when prevention of homelessness hasn’t worked, the aim is to provide settled accommodation as quickly as possible, with support in place when needed, to help make sure homelessness is unrepeated. 

Cllr Emily Owen, Conwy County Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Housing and Regulatory, said, "Throughout the UK homelessness is becoming increasingly common. We know the answer to solving the crisis is complex and multi-faceted, looking at the whole person rather than simply finding housing. The Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan recognises this, focuses on prevention and uses a 'no one left out' approach in order to meet the needs of our residents who find themselves homeless."

The Draft Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan is one of the documents supporting the Council’s Local Housing Strategy which aims for people in Conwy have access to affordable, appropriate and good quality accommodation that enhances their quality of life.

The Plan shows how the Council will work with partners to achieve its aims over the next 5 years.

Feedback on the draft plan will be considered before the final version is put together and presented to Councillors for approval by early 2023.

To see the draft plan and to complete a questionnaire, visit Consultation on the draft Rapid Rehousing Plan - Conwy County Borough Council

Closing date for feedback is 11 November 2022.


*Welsh Government’s Ending Homelessness in Wales Action Plan commits to making homelessness rare, brief and non-repeated: Ending homelessness in Wales: a high level action plan 2021 to 2026 | GOV.WALES